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I began building my first guitar (a ZZ Top-inspired Explorer) whilst studying for my degree and teaching certificate. As education overtook leisure the unfinished instrument matured (like a fine wine) for a couple of years and was finished when I began work. The addiction soon set in and I made the electric 12-string, soon followed by its six-string sibling.

Having moved to Australia (building even more guitars...) I started up a  guitar building course at the High School where I worked. I was amazed at the quality of design, and impressed at the way the students got to grips with the techniques required to make quality instruments. A number of the guitars earned their designer-makers awards and prizes in  State competitions and exhibitions.

Now back in the UK, I am taking orders for custom guitars, and my wife and I are planning to set up a workshop enabling members of the public to make their own guitars, and for us to share our creative skills.

As well as guitars my other guilty pleasures are prog rock, the music of Queen, history and architecture, cars, trains and ‘planes. I play a bit of guitar, too, though nowhere near as well as I build them.

I am based in Sevenoaks in the Garden Of England, I’m married to Lara and we have two exuberant young boys.

Mark Smith

January 2011


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